Sunday, February 14, 2010

Something to Believe in

Fresh off the press:

Something to Believe in

Give me something to believe in
I say
On the very day when I bore witness to a miracle
I was absent
Living life as it is meant to be lived
Disproving all that I had been before
Is that right?
The wall displays my path of life
My favorite sayings and my moments of light
No more videos
Alone again
Alone, alone, alone
How come all that I write is loneliness?
Why is it that the time is right
But the people aren’t?
I try
But my neck is stiff and my arms are tired
I rest
I toss and turn and try to get comfortable
I write about knights
That are women with long blonde hair
Saving me maybe
But I never finish the poem
The scenarios are wild
But not unthinkable
And I’ll admit
That I have wasted too much time believing
Each week is its own chapter
I think
In this book of ours
Perhaps interrelated
Perhaps stories all on their own
Never to be relived
Stuck in towers
We whisper our secrets to the wind
And each other
And for once she completely understands
That I have done nothing wrong here
That I am the victim who refuses to be victimized
For even if I may seem broken
Broken pieces make me whole
I am human
And I’ve had my moments
That make me want to burry my red face in shame
Ashamed of what?
Of being me I suppose
For the gifts I bear may be too heavy a burden
For another to accept
I put them away
For later
For another
Repeat the same mistakes
Lather with love
Rinse with righteousness
Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
Say I’m sorry to the mirror
For I no longer talk to you
Whether its your fault or my own
We stopped keeping count
Stopped counting on each other too
Because caring for one is simpler
Than caring for two
Leading me to believe
That I may need something new to believe in


  1. ". . .Lather with love
    Rinse with righteousness
    Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. . ."

    My favorite lines

  2. That last fifteen lines or so are absolutely amazing, props :)