Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sharing Session Number One

I've been doing a lot of writing lately: 3 pieces in 3 days. Thats pretty consistent for someone like me, who produces good piecea of work only a few times a month at best. This is my latest piece of poetry, written last night and fresh of the press.

This piece is inspired by and dedicated to Sara.

Dear Girl,
what have you done to me?
that's left me waiting here
Engulfed in the dust of the road you sped through.
Oh eager young girl,
how you leave me in awe of your light.
That child-like wonder,
May it never fade,
Makes me want to take you in my arms
And protect you
from any ill or harm that comes your way.
My paralysis
completely dependent
on how you see me,
on who you see.
Darling girl,
if you please,
I shall be a constant
let your waves
of fancy, of folly, of true life
beat against me
as rock.
And like rock
I may appear cold
but be it not a signal to desist
for being cold has made me solid
and solid is what I must be.
Sweet Girl,
Spin out of orbit
bump your way through galaxies
See stars
Indulge in the milky way.
When you return
rest assured
That I will be here
arms open
ready to accept that which you,
your body,
your energy,
your triumphs
and your mistakes
your innocence,
your wisdom,
your soul
and your virtue
can all instill within me,
making me into that person,
the person who must no longer ache
to feel whole beside you.

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