Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finally Inspired

Okay, so a little background for my first post. I'm currently a first year college student, barely a month into my second semester here. LOVE my college, sometimes that can be hard to find in a sleep-deprived body of students. Biology major, Women's Studies minor, a potential second major in Literature in the works. Been writing, legitimately, that is, for a little over three years now. Lesbian, plain and simple. It appears in a lot of my writing and, I feel, makes my personal style a little more unique. As a lesbian and somewhat of a literature buff, I can tell you from personal experience, how difficult it could be to find a good lesbian themed novel or work of poetry, without there being a specific emphasis on the fact that the characters or their relationships are "out of the ordinary."

Allow me to make note, that sometimes I will include little snippets of my life in these blog posts or merely background to go along with the poetry I'm posting. And since I have accumulated written pieces for about three years, if things are slow I may just put up some old (but good) stuff to share with you.

Enjoy, comment, share!


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