Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silent Smiles

another fresh one!

Silent Smiles

We speak the language of silent smiles.
Tongues tucked away behind teeth,
Lips stretched to the far corners of our faces,
We suppress words altogether,
Refusing to allow even a single thought escape from the confines of our minds.
Like such,
We converse through expressions of glistening eyes.
Like invisible laser beams,
Your icy baby blues
meet my glossy emerald greens
in a battle to take place in crowded rooms or empty hallways
Acknowledging the things we strive to deny
Those feelings,
Those actions,
What the other may or may not know
What we did our very best to hide
Because opening mouths
leads to opening doors
leads to opening more
of me
of you
of sides we never sold
of stories we never told
of love we never shared
of deeds we never dared
of dreams we never dreamed
of things we never seemed
to be certain of.
The ice begins to melt off the basketball court
And the scent of the air is slowly becoming more consistent
With that of the day we spent together
Forming the bond that shall ultimately suffocate us both
As we conceal our histories
behind the silent smiles that we’ve begun to exchange.

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  1. This is great. The rhythm, the imagery. Very good, I will definitely keep reading.