Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Another one for the blonde...


I'm still hallucinating
so intensely
so that the sight of you is present everywhere
your image projected
in things
in people
I would have never expected
completely at random
My heart comes to a halt
at the mere thought
of our gaze locking
for those few solid moments
And if she were you
A part of me would have died
right then and there
soul lifting and sinking
brain doing backflips
bursting right before my eyes
My very being plummeting to the floor
with a sudden Splat!
All compensation
for my shell of a body
frozen in place
knees begging to kiss the floor
but I can't possibly move
can barely breathe
As I spiral in and out of my subconscious
my mind retrieves memories of us on demand
mistakes I've made,
most probably,
with you
A process that takes no more than seconds
to behold me
calls for a string of lifetimes
to erase
And I am left here
staring straight ahead
senses tingling with the absence of feeling
assessing the damage after the storm
taken aback by this trip
A fall I hope to never again take
at the sight of you

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