Sunday, March 21, 2010

O'Brien and Forgive, Forget & Then Remember

Okay, time for another poetry update. Unfortunately, I don't have anything new going on. Though I am sincerely working on it, I do not rush these sorts of things. In the meanwhile allow me to entertain you with some of my older stuff.

O'Brien -  November 18, 2008

You've got me,
I am your submissive
I am the toy of your emotions
You like me to fear,
I fear
I nearly shake in your presence
You want me to admire,
Oh, how I admire!
All I desire
is to light up your eyes
grasp your attention for a moment longer
and make you see
how truly devoted
I am to thee.

Forgive, Forget & Then Remember - sometime in December of 2007

Sometimes I forget why I love you
Sometimes I forget you exist
Don't fret, I'll never really forget you
Just the idea of having you around.
I remind myself of you everyday
I think about you to the point where you invade my dreams
But that's okay, you're always welcome there.
I remember the past
and imagine how we'll meet again in the future
How I'll run into your arms
Hold you tight and never let go
Just like the night you left.
I dream up the best
But secretly prepare for the worst
Afraid you don't love me
Afraid you forgot so soon
I yell, "Who needs you anyway?!"
But deep down I know I do
So I patiently wait for your reaction
And when I finally receive a response
I remember all over again
Just why
I love you

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