Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm typically not one for haikus but here goes:

soft strong competent
fingers banded with rings matte
palms I long to hold

Friday, April 16, 2010

The "I Can Love You Better" Complex

Finally! A brand new one!

The "I Can Love You Better" Complex

I am the other woman
I pleasure your girlfriends
And I flatter your wives
I am she who keeps her "working" until late at night
I slip through corridors
To see her
Using time
To my advantage
I build companionships
With my bare hands
With her
I tell her what she wants to hear
Whisper it slowly, but surely in her ear
Lather her with the attention
You’re too tired to give
I listen
And love
And appreciate
I am all that you are not
All that you are too stubborn to be
For her
I admire
I admire in ways that are beyond your wildest imaginations
I let her be who she is
No strings
Only ribbons
wrapped around her
like the gift you forgot to say ‘thank you’ for
but see,
I thank the world for her every day
Because if it weren’t for her existence
Who could I possibly love better
And how would I manage to be?