Thursday, July 29, 2010

Of Art and Literature

My favorite writing conditions occur when a line of poetry or prose comes to mind out of nowhere and I scramble for a piece of scrap paper to capture it on before the thought is lost. Another piece from the scrap paper collection, written this morning.

This piece can also be found as a response to Thursday Think Tank prompt #8 on Poets United.

Of Art and Literature

Sucking supple nipples
sweet like pears
She lies nude beneath me
whispering sonnets of Shakespeare
as my lips chisel at her figure lovingly.

Her thoughts get lost in a silvery haze
their case lulled in a pillow somewhere
and after minutes of soft and mindless pleasure
She emerges, speaking to me in a silky tone,
"What do you make of good literature to-day?"

I cease my persistence in working over her body
and lay to rest beside her, cradled within her,
I release a sigh,
"I suppose it should be much like this,
an art of the mind, body and soul"


  1. Oh the literature of living life...this is a lovely piece of prose that tells that so well.
    Awesome writing! :-)

  2. Wow Robin this was marvelous!! I think you get better each time I read you. I'm begining to wonder where all this passion comes from. You tell a wonderful and sensual story here and I really loved the line "as my lips chisel at her figure lovingly." Its a striking verse. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Robin, your poem is sensual to the max..and has a touch of humor too. An intellectual discusion amidst making love. I love it!

  4. vivid and hot..
    you take my breath away.
    powerful poem!

  5. ..."I suppose it should be much like this,
    an art of the mind, body and soul"

    ...true indeed...I enjoy when I read a fellow poets wordplay that makes my mind smile...lovely write! (^_^)

  6. Indeed, it is an art of mind, body and soul... excellent!

  7. hot:3 and hmmm..How do i describe it, wonderful and beautiful in the sense of art? :D Thank for sharing^^~

  8. So glad I found your site, Robin...your poetry is breathtaking...passionate and powerful...and the last two lines are brilliant. I mean to come back and read more when I have time. Keep writing...:)