Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Written for ABC Wednesday


Ashley begins to look foreign to me,
Her "A" clearly outgrew all the other letters in her name
And what is a “shley” anyway?
It must be some weird kind of snail
with a yellow shell or something of the sort.
Contorted letters pull their tails in opposite directions
only to free themselves of bond that the English culture placed them in
Even now the sight of the word burns my eyes
and I must cover them with my fingertips
to regain my sense of balance.
I have been summoned
Are you her?
Is she you?
Who is she then?
She is a petite blonde girl
who led the cheerleading squad in high school
and kissed her boyfriend Brad on the lips every single day
she wore short shirts
and was never really nice to anyone anyway
but she thought highly of herself most of time
at least until graduation
She disappeared for a while after then
never to be heard from
until the day she popped up again
at a successful law firm
and no one around her had doubted for a second
that she had made it there thanks to daddy’s money alone.
Yes that is she.
The asker walks away satisfied
and I mumble to myself.
But she is also a very tiny piece of me.


  1. Hmmm, very interesting and thought provoking. Great start to ABC Wednesday.

  2. Fun for me to have read about Ashley.

  3. A stands for Awesome! Wonderful job! :-)

  4. Kept me awake after two in the morning. Please have a wonderful Wednesday.

    daily athens

  5. we are so many things, aren't we?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Amazing how many parts we are made of... Excellent poem!

  7. Very nice !
    Gattina from the ABC Team

  8. Ashley, thank you so much for directing me to the poetry blogroll. That helps me out big-time! You have a great site and seem to be a very prolific writer. Keep writing! Great site! Sherry

  9. what a passionate poem for an A.

  10. a really nice poem.. liked that ending line..!