Monday, September 12, 2011

The Crazies (do you hear me?)

Written August 24, 2011

The Crazies (do you hear me?)

Close your eyes,
you can't watch,
you're tumbling down as they rip you apart.
Love what you've got
hate what you don't
shut the world out, there's no time,
there's no time at all.
into a deep slumber,
all your thoughts and loved ones behind,
crawl under a rock,
plug your ears.
I can't stand it
do you hear me?!
When the people you wanted to be, become all that you least expected, where do you run?
When he joins them,
who do you cry to?
Why must the first piece always be like this,
not about love,
but about the CRAZIES!
I've got the Crazies, do you hear me?
I'm the different that different left behind when it went mainstream.
I am the original copy!
I am the truth to your lie.
The rule to your pleasure.
I am she who grew because of you, in spite of you.
It's my words of praise you display in your doorway
with your self-righteousness
and if I could I would tear it down,
because they all know you're a fake,
they smell it
they taste it
they hear it coming,
from around the corner.
HIDE, do you hear me?
They will come for you,
take away your life and leave you,
with nothing but scraps of ideas you put back together on your own.
Close your eyes,
               do you hear me?

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