Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beyond the Reflection

This is the first semi-poetic piece I had put on paper since my creative writing class ended last December. It was written on June 25, 2011.

Beyond the Reflection

The full-length mirror
in the bedroom that isn't mine
sings me songs of progress
that I have not yet made
The marks on my body are invisible
but they are there
On my thighs, my arms, my wrists, my ankles
signs of hurt and indulgence
conceal themselves directly beneath the surface of my flesh.
I have not visited the same place twice
and lived to tell about it
but the poorly lit trail I chose to follow
whispers promises to me
between the forest trees
"Abandon-not the traces of dignity embossed in the depths of your soul,
for true light shines
     beyond the reflection"

1 comment:

  1. Hi Robin! Someone is listening. I love your honesty and the way you put it out there. Not always easy...great stuff!