Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Two poems in one day, aren't you lucky?! This is an acrostic poem I wrote in response to this week's prompt on Poets United & Poetry Blogroll in hopes that I can get some more writing out of me. I may have used a bit of poetic license with this one, I'll admit, but in my defense, I haven't written an acrostic poem since perhaps the third grade.

S he silently slips her hand around me from behind
T houghts of mine are interrupted as I turn to her timidly
E ager, I take her hand and lead her to the shower
A ching for love, I press her against the cold tile wall
M y hands move up and down her wet figure as I maneuver myself through the steam


  1. After that one we may need cold showers. A crafty way of skirting along the lines of erotica with out actually stepping across.

    Its great to see you writing more!!

  2. I echo what Robert wrote about skirting along the lines of erotica, it was subtly and cleverly done and just right!

    Nice writing! :-)

  3. love 2 c u shine like this,
    beautiful work!