Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Words of some sort for a very special someone

I'm not exactly sure what this is, but its for a very special person in my life whom I miss dearly and seeing as I haven't posted much this month, I decided that this was worthy of sharing:

I have never belonged to anyone the way that I belong to you. You know nothing of this devotion, I’m afraid, yet it is a devotion so strong that it touches upon every fiber of my being. I am yours, yours in every which way. At times it leads me to question if I could fully hand myself over to another, when you so firmly have hold on every part of me. And I do my best to live life in spite of this fact, however it creeps up onto me as though out of nowhere, with the mere thought of contact with you. You, your name, your face, your acknowledgement, your presence in any form whatsoever forces me down onto my knees, back under this enchantment, a heavy pendant around my neck, weighing me down with this unchallengeable, unquestionable love for you. Your affection, O how I crave nothing but this attention, a sweet burst of ecstasy, infiltrating my senses, impairing me to any form of judgment that is not you.


  1. How did the recipient react?

    The note has some good images.

  2. The note had actually made its way to my very special recipient, though I hadn't thought I would send it to them at all. Let's just say that we both are taking a quiet break to reflect at the moment.